• Do I need any previous dance experience to learn Irish dance?

Not at all! While having dance experience will come in handy, it is not required to learn Irish dance.

  • What should I wear to the first class?

We ask our dancers to wear a t-shirt and shorts (at or above the knee), or similar sportswear.

  • What shoes should I wear to my class?

For beginners, girls can wear black ballet slippers or black flats and boys can wear black jazz shoes or tennis shoes. Irish dance does have two unique pairs of shoes, but purchasing these are not required until you or your child has progressed further into Irish dance.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend bringing a water bottle as Irish dance can be tiring. We also have water bottles for sale and have a public drinking fountain.

  • Will I be required to compete?

No. Most of our dancers do compete, but it is not a requirement and you will still learn the same material.

  • Do I need to be Irish?

No. In fact, many world champions are not of Irish descent.